Kids on the invisible side of the magical world of animation

The contest organizers prepared another surprise for the winners – the invitation to the premier screening of “Anahit” animation film.

urishi pokaren

The premiere of “Instead of Someone”

The movie is available in all local movie theaters.


“Space of Sounds” – Tigran Mansurian biopic at the festival in Poznan

Within the scope of the festival some pieces by the Maestro Mansurian including “Requiem”, String quartet No 2, “Nostalgia” were performed.


“Anahit” (Official Trailer)

The premier screening of animation film based on the fairy tale by Ghazaros Aghayan will appear on silver screen this December.


“Instead of someone” (Official Trailer)

On November 6 “Instead of someone” feature film by Hrant Yeritskinyan will appear on silver screen.


Sos Janibekyan: “The audience will enjoy intellectual humor”

For me the most important thing in comedy is situational humor i.e. when you make one laugh, having done nothing funny.

Urishi Pokharen

Hovhannes Azoyan: “Instead of someone”

That time kiwi was my hardest partner.

Urishi pokharen

“Instead of someone”. Soon on silver screen

Cast: Sos Janibekyan, Tamara Petrosyan, Hovhannes Azoyan, Vahagn Galstyan Sati Janibekyan, Aramo, Levon Harutyunyan, Alina Martirosyan and others.


The premier screening of “Anahit” full length cartoon is scheduled for this December

Recently, the whole creative staff was present at the preliminary viewing of the film.

qani der kam

“As Long As I Live” (Documentary)

Documentary about Yerevan.