Կիսալուսնի Ծովածոցը

Half Moon Bay has been screened

The “Moscow” movie theater hosted the premier screening of Half Moon Bay feature film, which is the debut film by Marine Zakaryan.

Կիսալուսնի ծովածոցը

“Half Moon Bay” will be shown on silver screen from March 27

“Half Moon Bay” will be screened in Yerevan movie theaters from March 27.


“The Knight’s Move” (2013) Full Movie [RU]

Adventurous comedy “The Knight’s Move” watch online.

«Ход конём» (2013) смотреть онлайн

“The Knight’s Move” (2013) Full Movie

Directed by Gor Kirakosian | Director of photography: Filip Vandewal | Screenplay by Narek Margaryan, Sergey Sargsyan

Mer Bak 3

“Our Yard 3” full movie online

The film was released by popular demand and was linked to 15th anniversary of Sharm Holding.

Mer Bake 2

“Our Yard 2” full movie online

It is the sequel of the popular film “Our Yard” where the already known characters are revealed in a brand new way, with a touch of grotesque.

mer bak

“Our Yard” full movie online

It is a kind and funny, touching and sad, very intimate story about us – the Yerevan citizens, about our life within our city and Our Yard.

Qayl dziov 2013

“The Knight’s Move” 2013 (TV Spot)

Directed by Gor Kirakosian (USA), 1st assistant director Ilya Farfel (Israel), Director of photography Filip Vandewal (Belgium)

Sos Janibekyan

Sos Janibekyan: «A cameo role is the “spice” of the story”

My hero is a bookmaking agency employee, a friend of Felix, whom he helps with bets.

Asel Sagatova

Asel Sagatova: “I’m surprised by the history of Armenia”

Together with the shooting group we’ve been to Garni, Noravank, Tatev. I’m surprised that Armenia has such a rich history and historic monuments.