Film production in Armenia

In the post-Soviet era, after the privatization of movie theaters and “HayFilm” film studio, Armenian movie production found itself in a deep crisis, and even worse…

If many movies worthy to be reckoned among the “classics of the genre” used to be shot annually in Armenia, in the 90s this process could be compared to a bear in hibernation, for which the coming of spring was like a dream seem to fall only in the very far future, despite of the laws of nature. The dream, in which Armenian film production companies used to undertake first unsteady steps, though there was no light and no films for screening…
At that time “Sharm Holding” began undertaking certain steps in order to rectify the situation -creative teams have been created, new scripts have been written, funds have been raised. To sum up, the company launched the “process of awakening”.

In 1996 “Sharm Holding” released its first film product, a musical comedy “Mer bak” (Our Yard): kind and funny, touching and sad, a very familiar story about us, the Yerevan natives, our life in our city and in our Yard, with its minor intrigues, street showdowns, love affairs and incomparable kindness. The film was shown on the New Year’s Eve in 1997. The success and overwhelming love of the audience towards the project caused the sequel of the film. “Mer bak-2” was released the next year.

Although “Sharm Holding” did not position itself as a film production company ever, each of its films always met with such a big success and had “its viewers”, that new film projects have been constantly initiated by the company’s creative team and further found their embodiment. It happened so, that today the company’s film library has a number of successful films.
“Qani der kam” (As long as I live) documentary was released in 2001. This is a documentary about Yerevan, starring a Voice, the voice of a Yerevantsi (narrator: honored artist of Armenia, Hrant Tokhatyan. “Mer Bak-3” the sequel of the popular “Mer Bak” film shot to mark the 15th anniversary of “Sharm Holding” was released in 2006.

The year of 2009 was marked with two more feature films “Zemlyak” and “Taxi “Eli lav a”.
In 2010 “A millionaire wanted” romantic comedy provided full house in the movie theaters. In 2011 the same creative team and producers released an adventurous comedy “The fiancé from circus”.

If follow the chronology, the latter will prove, that each of these films reached and even surpassed the success of the previous one. This is the list of the feature films, only.

“Sharm Holding” was founded in 1991 and throughout twenty years it released a number of films: documentaries, public social advertising, promo, animation. You can get the detailed info, here.

Looking back, we recon that (we can say in all modesty) we can be proud of ourselves and now want to share with all those who follow us on “Sharmblog” and our good friends. Wish us good luck and new “conquers” on the “film-production” walk of life.

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